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Hamptons Pet Editor's Choice Award for “Smartest New Dog Care Product” Honors Petix, Manufacturer of WizSmart Dog Pads

Posted by Krister Holm on Mar 14, 2018 9:30:00 AM

Press Release: March 14, 2017

Petix, manufacturer of WizSmart Dog Pads, announces their receipt of the Hamptons Pet Editor's Choice Award for “Smartest New Dog Care Product.” Petix was honored with this award at New York Pet Fashion Week 2018 given the company’s innovative dog pee pads that are designed to provide pets and their owners with a smarter, healthier disposable dog pad solution.

WizSmart dog pads provide an all-in-one, premium dog and puppy pad option for dog owners requiring either a short or long term indoor potty solution that keeps both dog and home clean. These pads combine all of the desired features of a dog pad, offering an eco-friendly, super absorbent, quick drying and leak proof alternative to other products. WizSmart pads also feature patented stay put adhesive tabs that can be used to secure the pad to the floor and the wall at a 90° angle, creating a perfectly placed target for male dogs.

“New products are constantly being introduced in the pet industry, but it’s rare you find a manufacturer dedicated to supporting animals both in their product development and social commitment. I was excited to award Petix with the "Smartest New Dog Care Product" at the 2018 New York Pet Fashion Show Presented by TropiClean. Not only do these premium dog pads support a smarter way to train, live and travel with your pet, but the company’s manufacturing process offers an eco-friendly alternative for a disposable dog pad,” commented Gregg Oehler, Publisher of Hamptons Pet "The Global Luxury Pet magazine" and Chairman of the New York Pet Fashion Show.

Petix’s attendance at the New York Pet Fashion Show supported the Mayor’s Alliance for New York City Animals, a non-profit charity that works with more than 150 partner rescue groups and shelters to offer important programs and services that save the lives of NYC's homeless animals. “We greatly appreciate the support of Petix, and its commitment to help improve the lives of New York City’s homeless animals. We thank Petix for its support at the New York Pet Fashion show fundraiser and for its generous product donation to participating rescue organizations within the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals,” stated Steve Gruber, Director of Communications for the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals.

Now until March 31, 2018, Petix will donate $1 to the Mayor’s Alliance for every package of WizSmart Dog Pads sold. “While we are excited to receive the ‘Smartest New Dog Care Product’ award, we are most proud that we’re able to support the well-being of pets and their owners, and now with our work with the Mayor’s Alliance, the rescue animals in New York City,” commented Krister Holm, General Manager, N.A., Petix.

Petix will exhibit at the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA) industry event, Global Pet Expo, March 21-23, 2018. Attendees can see a demonstration of WizSmart Dog Pads and receive information on becoming a WizSmart retail partner.

About Petix

Petix, a family-owned company, manufactures quality pet care products and accessories that promote the well-being of pets and their families. The company has distinguished itself within the industry through its dedication to operating more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, utilizing ecologically correct raw materials and minimizing waste. Staying true to its founders’ commitment to quality and purpose, the company has achieved 40% market share in Brazil with hundreds of thousands of well-trained and confident pets utilizing their products. Continuing the company’s mission to improve the life of pets and their owners, in 2017 Petix launched its innovative WizSmart Dog Pads in the United States. For more information about Petix, visit the company’s website at www.petixco.com